"So we need to find that person and kill them". - Amber

It's offical! Amber completly loves Sam now. When she goes over to talk to him she see's Mara and him are already talking. "Your so funny" she heard Mara. "I'm sure everyone in the house will love you. Except for Amber. Very negative." She then heard Sam say "Yeah. Well I'll stay away from her". She heard them both laugh. "Smart boy" she heard Mara say. "I'm smart girl. Smart boy + Smart girl = Smartness. Smartness = Study dates. Study dates = dating. So we might as well skip to the dating!" She then heard Sam say "Sorry. Maybe when we get to know each other better. Right now I'm just new so-". "I understand. Come on, let's go upstairs" Mara said. Sam and Mara went upstairs not noticing Amber. Nina comes down. "Hey Amber" she said. "Hi. Nina I am very upset with Mara right now. Again. She has just stolen the love of my life". "Sam?" Nina asked. "Yes Sam. Who else is worth crushing on?" Amber said. "Well I don't know. Sam seems like he has someone else in his life" Nina said. "Exactly" Amber said. "So we need to find that person and kill them" "You must reeally like him" Nina said. "Yes" Amber said. "I love him". Se and Nina then walked off.
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