A normal day for Sibuna right? Wrong. What was once a peaceful breakfast turns into mayhem when a portal appears, and the Anubis Gang, Victor, Mr Sweet and Trudy are sucked into a new world. Of course, this new world has ancient prophecies, old enemies plus an adventure for all the Anubis gang to be the cherry on top. Will Sibuna solve new and old mysteries? Are old and new flames going to ignite? Will the secret society or Rufus and his cronies try and take over the world...this time?


Saphire Miller

Appearance With her pink hair anyone woukd think she is a typical punk, when in fact Saphire is a 17 year old american who loves adventure. She is always for a mystery and is apart of Sibuna. Of course, she is a mystery herself with Pokemon, Transformation and her curious purple gem. No matter how much trouble she gets into with Sibuna she will always help resolve it. 

However, it comes to fashion, Saphire always goes for a tomboy look; skinny jeans, pumps and her favourite blue sleevless jacket. Even though Amber tries to get her to wear a skirt or dress, Saphire refuses. The only time Saphire has worn a dress in the past is in Pokemon contests and at prom. 

Personality wise, Saphire is not a person who will be sit at the back of the class and be quiet. In fact, Saphire is brave, bold, courageous, talkative, will answer questions. Eventhough she can get a bit fiesty and put up a good fight, Saphire is well mannered and polite. She is intelligent and specialises in singing, acting, dancing, but can also fight against anybody...

Eddie Miller