Sibuna is a student organization formed by members of Anubis House. Its name is Anubis spelled backwards, most likely honoring the house. Amber first came up with the name, explaining it was Anubis backwards. All the members of Sibuna are Anubis House residents.

Original Members

Additional Members

Other/Touchstone Of Ra Members

Official MembersEdit

The Official Members in Order


  • Jerome Clarke (possible Sibuna member; towards the end of season 1 he helped Sibuna and on season 2 he is slightly more involved)*
  • Ade Rutter (gives them information about Egyptian artifacts)
  • Sarah Frobisher-Smythe (in season 1 she helps Sibuna by giving them clues; in season 2 she communicates with them through the dollhouse)
  • Jasper Choudhary (gives them information about Egyptian history)
  • Trudy Rehmann (Helps the children with normal teenage issues; Sibuna rescued her from her kidnapping in Season 2, although she has no memory of it)
  • Harriet Denby (gives them information on Ammut, KT's key, and Robert.She always help them when they are trapped or in trouble.During Season 3 she has been even more involved than some members of Sibuna)
  • Willow Jenks (helped Eddie and KT until she was turned evil by Denby)
  • Robert Frobisher-Smythe (Good Form, he is proud of KT and Eddie for stopping Ammut)
  • Victor Rodenmaar Jr. (Only in The Touchstone of Ra)

Note: * Means that while these Anubis House residents have been involved at times with the seasonal mystery, nothing has been confirmed about their membership status.